AAW-M2 Attack: 1534 - 1760
Firing Mode: Semi-Auto
Range: 100
Clip Size: 2
Max Ammo: 10
Scope Style: Telescopic
Scope Zoom: 2.0
Manufacturer Hakko Heavy Industries
Headshot Multiplier: 1.0
Description: A heavyweight rocket launcher manufactured by Hakko Heavy Industries. Its limited clip size and carryable round count are more than made up for by its awe-inspiring destructive clout. Due to its size and scope configuration, this weapon cannot be used while clinging to walls.
Special Attributes: Blast Radius (m): 2.0

Impact Effect (Vs. Humanoid): Scatter (Weak)

Acquirement and Upgrade Method:
Buying Cost: 450 With Discount: 338
Creation Materials:
Processed Graphite: Ultra-Low Purity X 2

Ion-Conducting Gel X 2
Generator: Armored Mk 2 X 1

Upgrade Materials (lvl 2): Upgrade Materials (lvl 3): Upgrade Materials (lvl 4):
Generator: Carrier Mk 1 X 5 Carapace: Carrier Mk 1 X 5

Sinew Fiber: Common Mk.1 X 3

Generator: Carrier Mk 2 X 5

Chest Carapace: Carrier Mk 1 X 3

Upgrade Materials (lvl 5): Upgrade Materials (lvl 6): Upgrade Materials (lvl 7):
Carapace: Carrier Mk 2 X 5

Chest Carapace: Carrier Mk 2 X 3
Ferrous Fiber: Biped Mk 2 X 3

Upgrade Materials (lvl 8): Upgrade Materials (lvl 9) Upgrade Materials (lvl 10):
Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into:

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