Abel "Strafe" Balt
Abel Balt
Japanese Name Unknown
Rōmaji Translation Unknown
Personnel Data
Gender Male
Age Unknown (Presumably Mid 30s)
Eye Color Silver
Hair Color Silver with Brown highlights
Family None
Affiliation Hourai Panopticon
Melee Weapon Aftershadow
Ranged Weapon Arisaka Mk 1
Accessory Weapon None
Thorn Type Binding

Abel "Strafe" Balt is an attack class Sinner from the Hourai Panopticon and the primary antagonist of the story.

Appearance & Personality Edit

He has an enigmatic but boastful personality, knowing that he is undefeated throughout his lifetime. He is ambitious and rather sadistic in battle, and Julien describes him as having a sort of "evil charisma."

While he's better known for his sadistic nature, he is shown to have some sense of honor when he freed Beatrice after the Casket was charged with her Will'O energy, claiming that he "always fullfills his promises".


Abel was known as the world's most powerful and dangerous Sinner of the Panopticon Era, known for using a modified PROTOTYPE Inc.'s Aftershadow, and long-rumored to be the only survivor of the Great Loss. He controls one of the first prototype Abductors known as Red Rage.

Abel first appears in a secret operation issued to the Protagonist by Natalia to escort valuable cargo back to the Panopticon. He attacks the Protagonist along with Mattias, Elfriede, Uwe, Natalia, and 3 other sinners and 3 Biped Abductors. They prove incapable of fighting Abel and are defeated without a chance to strike back, and Red Rage intrudes and steals the Casket from the Protagonist's group and escapes.

After his spy leaks information about the Casket and Beatrice's Will'O signatures, he then single-handedly attacks the Panopticon and kidnaps Beatrice in hopes of using the Casket as a weapon of mass destruction.

The Protagonist along with Carlos, Elfriede, Uwe, Mattias, Natalia arrive at the top of the Hourai Panopticon to stop Abel from opening the Casket. In the end he is defeated and dies as the Casket opens, claiming to be disappointed that he will not live to see his dream come true.


  • Abel is voiced by Junichi Suwabe
  • In the cutscene 'The Casket', Abel mentions the Great Transformation, and thus seems to be one of the only people who knows about it without being told by the Protagonist themselves (aside from Simeon, who told the Protagonist about it in the first place).
  • Abel may have knowledge of the immortal duo Simeon and Aries M.
  • Abel's sentence is 9,999,999 years.