A basic part of the Sinners arsenal, Assault Weapons can be anything from SMGs to Sniper rifles.

Comparison chartEdit



Impact Dmg(%) Mode Clip  Max  Range Brand
EZ Katze I 160-228 - Full Auto 82-86 410-430 20 Eisen und Zwolf
Arisaka Mk 1 194-270 - 3-shot 49-51 245-255 40-41 MASTERxPEACE
Barbara's Easy Blaster 308-407 100 Full Auto 5 130 18 HandMate
SR-42/LA 584-725 150 Semi-Auto 3 18 121-124 Hakko Heavy Industries
AR-7/L 353-442 50 Semi-Auto 6 48 100 Hakko Heavy Industries
Pulsar 173-245 - Full Auto 50-51 400-408 100 Plus Industries


Each weapon can be upgraded up to level 10 at a Weapons Facility . At level 5, you are given the choice of crafting the assault rifle into a new, more specialised weapon, resetting it to level 1. These weapons tend to be far stronger, and have improved elemental damage.


  • EZ Katze IGo to EZ Katze I
  • Arisaka Mk 1Go to Arisaka Mk 1
  • Barbara's Easy BlasterGo to Barbara's Easy Blaster
  • SR-42/LAGo to SR-42/LA
  • AR-7/LGo to AR-7/L
  • PulsarGo to Pulsar

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