Autocannons are large, two handed guns, each boasting devastating firepower in exchange for a reduced movement speed. They excel in providing sustained heavy fire, which can be used to cover your team, or tear apart an abductor. There are also other variations which can immobilise enemies, or even set them on fire.

Comparison chartEdit

Name Power Impact Dmg(%) Mode Clip Max Range Brand
MG-M7 356-450 - Full Auto 202-207 1010-1035 30-31 Hakko Heavy Industries
EZ Wolf I Ausf. F 274-367 - Full Auto 121-124 726-744 40-42 Eisen Und Zwolf
Phalanx 248-363 - Full Auto 90 1350 100 Plus Industries
Dragonfang 1745-1990 200 Semi-Auto 2 10 10 Prototype Inc.
Creamy Screamy Jr. 1 - Semi-Auto 3 15 50 Handmate
Adelring 520-637 150 Full Auto 361-380 722-760 10 Dead Channel


  • MG-M7Go to MG-M7
  • EZ Wolf I Ausf. FGo to EZ Wolf I Ausf. F
  • PhalanxGo to Phalanx
  • DragonfangGo to Dragonfang
  • Creamy Screamy Jr.Go to Creamy Screamy Jr.
  • AdelringGo to Adelring

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