• ExSlax

    Cheats - and Handguns

    October 3, 2016 by ExSlax

    Only recently - with help of a certain PSVita hack - people have found a way to cheat.

    Although its pretty interesting, I do NOT condone usage of such methods.

    Why interesting? I'll show you why.

    Each weapon has a category, right? Each category has an ID. Each Weapon itself is another ID. What would happen, if we look deeper into it?

    ID - Weapon Name
    WG1_0000 - EZ Katze I
    WG1_0001 - EZ Katze II Ausf. G
    WG1_0006 - Arisaka MK 1
    WG1_0007 - Arisaka Mk2
    Portable artillery:
    WG3_0000 - AAW-M2
    WG3_0001 - AAW-M2E1
    WG3_0006 - EZ Nashorn III
    WG4_0000 - MG-M7
    WG4_0001 - MG-M7/E1
    WG4_0006 - EZ Wolf I Aust. F
    WG4_0007 - EZ Wolf II
    Light melee:
    WS1_0000 - Murasame Mk 9
    WS1_0001 - Murasame Mk 12
    Heavy melee:
    WS2_0000 - TB-32/H
    WS2_0001 - TB-32/…

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  • ExSlax

    This is a thing which bothered me for a while.

    On the english version of the game, "Impact" and "Impact" are the same thing, but is only language related.
    Yes, srsly. One word for two different things - but you already knew that as a native speaker. :P

    "Damage-Type: Impact" is really just the Damagetype, without a doubt. But what is with the neutral versions of weapons, where it says "Adds +25% Impact Damage"? Here is the catch. It doesn't add damage in the literal sense.
    Neutral Advanced Versions DON'T ADD DAMAGE. They just make it hit harder, so the ABD stumbles more often.

    A hint to it is the german translation of the "Impact" Damage as "Trefferschaden (%)" which has a different ring to it. Which means the impact of the weapon on a target. Ballis…

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  • BlueEyesWhiteGreymon

    After working on the spreadsheet for the last post about munitions, I decided to rework the spreadsheet to use the numbers for the Medical Facility. In the end, Medical Supplies are less profitable than Munitions, so I won't go into any detail.

    The spreadsheet can be found here.

    TL; DR: Don't sell drugs.

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  • BlueEyesWhiteGreymon

    Have you ever wanted to be an arms dealer? Selling weapons and making obscene profits, but without the whole killing people on the other side of the world thing? Freedom Wars is the game for you. In response to my last blog post about the profitability of Augmentations, ExSlax commented that Munitions Factories might be more profitable, so I decided to find out.

    Munitions Factories have 8 possible levels of production, depending on the rarity of the resources provided. The level of production is determined by taking the number of resources in each rarity group, times the rarity, and the group with the highest number is the level of production. As an example, 1 R8 resource and 8 R1 resources will produce at level 8, while 1 R8 resource and 9…

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  • Kyubey"Little Devil"Tamari

    Okay so the Uwe's and Elfriede's gauntlets have not yet been released even pistol type weapons. Anyone have info when they are going to be released? Freedom Wars hasn't updated yet about this.

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  • LittleBigEater


    June 2, 2016 by LittleBigEater

    theres a lot of stuff that needs doing on this wiki...

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  • Nemesisdevil98

    Where Ive Been

    May 27, 2016 by Nemesisdevil98

    Hello Im Devil admin of the freedom wars wiki ive been inactive for awhile now due to the computer company losing my laptop as well as playing and helping the god eater wiki prepare for the upcoming English version. I sincerely apologize for being inactive as much as I was and have completely started Freedom Wars over to fill in the missing spots as much as possible. I do hope to work with the other admins to make this site as knowledgable as possible

    Thank You ,

    Admin nemesisdevil98 aka Devil

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  • Kyubey"Little Devil"Tamari

    I need some strategies in Retribution OPS. Can someone please share their strategies in these OPS cause a few of thwm is really hard to be done in singleplayer mode. I need the strategies beacause I can't connect to the network on my Vita.

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  • ExSlax

    And more work

    March 15, 2016 by ExSlax

    I just found out, most of the Weapons or rather ADVANCED Weapons are plain missing.

    So I have been creating them and creating them and creating them. Since I appear to be the only person (?) to contribute GPP Articles, this will take weeks. Yes, Weeks. Pictures of Weapons I don't even own myself. Get all data. Descriptions, Values, aaand whatnot.

    I should be lucky, this game doesn't feature 1000 weapons, but only around 130. probably >_>

    Oh well, let's get back to work sleep.

    PS: I replaced almost all articles with the old Templates with the 2 new ones.

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  • ExSlax


    March 13, 2016 by ExSlax

    Meh, it's 6 am on a Sunday already.

    I edited SO much on this FW Wiki, but it's still a long way to go.

    Some (Some? LOTS!)  things are inconsistent, others misspelled "Fibre" or "Fiber", Dictionary says "Fiber" though. Should be easy to find all that, right?

    Sooooo Tired right now.

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  • BlueEyesWhiteGreymon

    As you should know, Augmentations are the best way for a sinner to contribute GPP to their panopticon, as well as accumulate entitlement points and reduce their sentence. However, once upon a time I asked myself: "Which augmentations would be the best use of my limited resources?" So I threw a bunch of numbers in a spreadsheet and found out some interesting things.

    First, the obvious. The three most valuable augmentations (based on GPP value only) are the Attack: Dionaea, Defense Dionaea, and Discount Voucher augmentations, all at 3200 GPP. However, this view only considers revenue, so it is necessary to also consider costs. For this, I considered costs as the GPP value of the materials necessary to produce the augmentation. After subtracti…

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  • Kyubey"Little Devil"Tamari

    If you need help completing a specific operation, please write on my message wall. Most effective strategy is to bring a lot of AMMO kits and First Aid kits and hit and run tactic.

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  • Nemesisdevil98

    Finally back

    December 20, 2015 by Nemesisdevil98

    So after debating with the computer company who weren't gonna give me a refund my laptop finally came in the mail .........however I still might not be as active as I was before due to in real life situations but will get on whenever I have time

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  • Nemesisdevil98

    Today’s the day I finally can start contributing towards the Greater Good, I kept telling myself. You see once you reach the age of 10 you can start to makes your sentence go down. Of course it’s only once you reach 18 is when u can really get the sentence decreased by tackling organisms known as Abductors. Pretty much the name implies what they do; they abduct the civilians of our Panopticon to bring to others. Sadly for now I’d just be helping out at the fueling station washing dishes to help wittle down my years, After all no one lives for a million years. I run to the station careful to not exceed the right to run for only 5 seconds entitlement. In here my Accessory has to wait outside it’s like our little Sinner party. I talk to ever…

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  • Nemesisdevil98

    My name’s Ashely Gremory .The year is 102048.My whole unit has been annihilated, all except me all by this unknown species known to us by a stranger. He called them “Aragami” and told us since we don’t have “God Arcs” our Panticipon would be destroyed along with our whole peaceful life. I now believe those words but back then it was all just some fairytale. Maybe I should start over from the beginning. It all started when I was 10. Well just turned 10 that is. That’s right the day that my dear Panopticon fell was my birthday. Oh and before I retell this tale here’s some irony for you I just turned 21. That’s right Happy Birthday to me.

    I woke up looking above my head there they were the numbers 1,000,040 popping out. It just wasn’t fair I k…

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  • Nemesisdevil98


    September 1, 2015 by Nemesisdevil98

    Hi there My name is Brendan but people call nemesisdevil98 or Devil for short. I have been visiting this page because I love Freedom Wars. I have noticed that there is no Active admins and it makes me sad to see a great game like this not get the representation it deserves. So I have recently gone to the Community Central Wiki and put in a adoption request to become an Adminisrator here, due to there not being a active admin since December 2014.

    A little about me is that I'm 21 years old and am a huge gamer also trying to get into YouTube but have to buy the necessary equipment to have a successful channel. I plan on being active for a very long time. And will help to give this wiki the recognition it deserves. I'm a huge fan of the Hunting…

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  • GoodGamer14

    Most of the mythology of Freedom Wars is not explained in the game but its explained in Lore Enciclopedia named La Vie en Rose, there is explained where the Accessories comes from, when a human is declared a Citizen or a Sinner, how the panopticons works and operates, how Abductors are made and what is Will'O, etc.

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  • Codofwisdom

    Help Wanted

    November 5, 2014 by Codofwisdom

    Freedom Wars has been out for over a week, and it's quite clear to me that a reference guide is something it needs. 

    It has a lot of unspecified Lore, mountains of materials, a crafting/upgrading system and a variety of opponents, each of whom have their own strengths, weaknesses, and drops. 

    It has character and allies, each of whom clearly have their own personality and fighting style. Anyone who takes Marie along for Citizen reclaimation Operations will notice how she, unlike the other AI, will pick up the Citizen and bring it to safety. 

    We need more writers and researchers on this Wiki. We need people who pay attention to detail, who can take screenshots, who can edit, who can prioritise content, who can make comments and suggestions.

    If …

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