A Sinner in his Cell.

The Cell is the home of sinners. Each sinner is assigned their own cell within the sector corresponding to their CODE Clearance level. As sinners complete their CODE exams and their CODE Clearance levels increase, they will be moved to cells on higher sector levels.


Each Cell is designed in the same fashion. The sinner's Accessory stands in front of the cell door to prevent unauthorized exit. On all four corners of the room are security cameras that continuously move back and forth, scanning the entire cell. The left side of the cell is where the sinner's bed is located, while the large monitor to the right is the Window on Liberty.

The only real change between cell's is that the cells of sector levels 1-4 are black and generally dirty and rusted in appearance while the cells of sector levels 5-8 are white and look much more sanitary and well-kept.


Talking to your Accessory when in your cell will open Accessory Services, while examining the large screen occupying the right-had wall of your cell, otherwise known as the Window on Liberty, will give you access to various other functions and features. Both of these menus and some of the options within them will only become available as you progress through the story.

Accessory ServicesEdit

Speaking to your Accessory when in your cell will open Accessory Services, allowing you to save your game, and giving you access to multiplayer and other game features.

Window on LibertyEdit

The large monitor that form the right-hand wall of your cell is the Window on Liberty, from which you can claim entitlements, donate resources to your Panopticon, and access other useful functions.

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