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 The General Purpose Movable Cell Array, more commonly known as the Cell Gardens, are areas located deep inside the Panopticons' infrastructures that can only be accessed by certain terminals within the Citizen's Promerade. Restricted sectors require a passcode to enter which will be given as the story progresses. 


The Cell Garden offers resources like Core Units and Non-existent Non-resource units but you can only stay in the Cell Garden within only for a limited time of 1 to 5 minutes.

The following are the characteristics of the Cell Garden:

  • Allows a Sinner to gather up to 8 resources, when resources collecting is complete, the Sinner is automatically transferred to the Citizen's Promenade.
  • The Cell Garden always change its platform, some says that the Cell Garden is alive because it is always changing shape on every visit, it is more like a maze rather than a garden.
  • Some times there are key items which will help you progress the story only if there is a chance.
  • You can stay in the Cell Garden within 1 minute but purchasing permits from the Window on Liberty let's you stay up to 5 minutes.

Levels Edit

Level 1 Edit

After your CODE Clearance level reaches 8, it is possible for your to enter the first level of the Cell Garden to plant the seed for the new Casket. After creating the new Casket, you can freely enter this level to go visit Simeon via entering the Casket.

Level 2 Edit

Level 3 Edit

Level 4Edit

Level 5Edit

Level 6Edit

Level 7Edit

Level 8Edit

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