The Citizen's Promenade (ロウストリート, lit. Law Street) is the area in the Panopticon in each level where both the Sinners and Citizens live.

The Citizen's Promenade let's you to roam around the Panopticon and talk to other Sinners, Citizens and OPS Personnel.

Physiology Edit

The Citizen's Promenade looks like a dull place but when you move to Level 5 or above, the surroundings will change. The Promenade let's you gather resources at each time you visit a sector. You can access lifts and terminals in almost every part of the Promenade.

Floors Edit

Floors 1 to 3 Edit

The first floors are where the newly-classified combat-able sinners (or the most troublesome) are dropped off and are known for their extremely dirty and rusty ambience filled with debris, a lot grafiti and drawings on the walls.

Floors 4 to 6 Edit

These floors are similar to floors 1 to 3 but with its debris, grafiti and drawings not present with also having slightly cleaner ambience.

Floors 7 and 8 Edit

These floors are known for their highly slick and clean ambience and are inhabitated by some of the most skilled Sinners and Citizens of the Panopticon.

Floor 9 Edit

While this Floor doesn't appear in the game, This Floor is exclusive to the most valuable Citizens and apparently offers the best lifestyle possible in the entire of the Panopticon.

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