Contribution Girls

Contribution Girls (貢献Girls) is a unit of the Propaganda Idols group consisting of three female Accessories.

Members Edit

  • Connie (コニー): The female in red. She is voiced by Momo Asakura.
  • Opti (オプティ): The female in green. She is voiced by Sora Amamiya.
  • Panna (パンナ): The female in yellow. She is voiced by Shiina Natsukawa.

Songs Edit

Videos Edit

Let's Contribute -Million-Year Sentence of Love- (Contribution Girls)02:51

Let's Contribute -Million-Year Sentence of Love- (Contribution Girls)

Panopticon Work Song No05:34

Panopticon Work Song No. 1 (Coni)

Na Na Na! (Opti)-005:02

Na Na Na! (Opti)-0

Thorn Lullaby (Pana)05:03

Thorn Lullaby (Pana)

Absolute Struggle Ideology (Contribution Girls)04:52

Absolute Struggle Ideology (Contribution Girls)

Contribute Yourself (Contribution Girls)05:08

Contribute Yourself (Contribution Girls)

Trivia Edit

  • The voice actors of the three members are the same as the ones who voice Ann, Shizuka, and Marie in the game. Additionally, each of the members bear a strong resemblance to their corresponding characters.
  • Their names combined are a play on the word Panopticon.

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