Contribution Guys

Contribution Guys (貢献Guys) is a unit of the Propaganda Idols group consisting of four male Accessories.

Members Edit

  • Yuu (ユウ): The male in gray. He is voiced by Miyashita Eiji.
  • Gii (ギィ): The male in red. He is voiced by Eguchi Takuya.
  • Will (ウェル): The male in green. He is voiced by Akabane Kenji
  • Alto (アルト): The male in brown. He is voiced by Yamashita Seiichiro.

Songs Edit

Videos Edit

Let's Contribute -Million-Year Sentence of Love- (Guys Version)

Let's Contribute -Million-Year Sentence of Love- (Guys Version)

Trivia Edit

  • The voice actors of the four members are the same as the ones who voice Kai, Hal, Julien and Billy in the game. Additionally, each of the members bear a strong resemblance to their corresponding characters.
  • Their names are a play on the phrase 'We Gaze At You'.