CG1-1 Re-Education Operation II is a tutorial operation under Level 1 CODE Clearance. The location is Cell Garden 2.

Operation 1-2

Briefing Edit

“This program is designed to ensure that sinners are equipped with the requisite skills to contribute to their Panopticon. In this exercise, sinners will practice the basic Thorn maneuvers in stimulated combat.”
—Department of Volunteer Management

Basic InformationEdit

  • Difficulty: 1/8
  • Objective: Relearn basic combat techniques by engaging hostile All-Purpose Biped using basic Thorn maneuvers.
  • Sustainability: -
  • Time Allotted: Unlimited


  • Sentence Reduction: 4
  • Rank 6: Processed Graphite Ultra-Low Purity x3
  • Rank 5: Diamond-Like Carbon: UL Hardness x3
  • Rank 4: Sinew Fiber: Common Mk. 1 x2
  • Rank 3: Sticky Grenade x2
  • Rank 2: AMMO Pack x2
  • Rank 1: First Aid Kit x2
  • Special Reward: L-6E1 x1
  • Special Condition: All resources harvested.

Intel Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Training Accessory
  • All-Purpose Biped Mk 1 (This Abductor will not drop components.)
    • No Special Equipment

Predicted Field Resources Edit

  • Scrap

Walkthrough Edit

Hallway 1 Edit

Proceed through the door in front of you.

Room 1 Edit

A tutorial on Thorn maneuvers will appear when you enter this room. Five Training Accessories are present in this room; one directly in front of and below after climbing the first wall with the thorn, one each on ledges to the left and right of the first, and the last two above and to the left and right of the door. Defeat all five Accessories to unlock the door. Proceed through the door to the next room.

Hallway 2 Edit

Proceed through the door to the next room. A tutorial on Charging the Thorn will appear before you pass through.

Room 2 Edit

An All-Purpose Biped Mk 1 and Training Accessory with a Murasame Mk 9 are present in this room. Defeat them both to unlock the door. Proceed through the door to the next room.

Room 3 Edit

A tutorial on Advanced Thorn Maneuvers will appear when you enter this room. An All-Purpose Biped Mk 1 containing a Citizen is present in this room. This Abductor will not attack. Defeat the Abductor to release the Citizen or remove the Citizen from its pod to continue. A tutorial on Citizen Reclamation will appear once the Citizen is freed from the Abductor. A Resource Reclamation Unit will appear in the North-East corner of the room. Carry the Citizen up the stairs in the South-East corner of the room and to the RRU to complete the operation.

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