CG3-5 Justice: Seize Control is an operation under Level 3 CODE Clearance. The location is Cell Garden 4.

Briefing Edit

“I've had my eye on you. Seems you know how to handle yourself. How'd you feel about helping out with a little...territory problem? Actually, scratch that. I don't care how you feel. You'll do it, and I'll see that you're rewarded. Just don't fail me, you hear?”
—Agent Abraham "Heavy" Bishop

Basic InformationEdit

  • Difficulty: 3/8
  • Objective: Capture majority of control systems within allotted time. Suppression of hostile forces is of secondary concern only.
  • Sustainability: -
  • Time Allotted: 5:00


  • Sentence Reduction: 190 Years
  • Rank 6: Ruined Composite: Ultra-Low Strength
  • Rank 5: Damaged Carbon Structure
  • Rank 4: Titanium-Based Fullerene
  • Rank 3: Ruined Conductive Coil: Low Quality
  • Rank 2: Will'O Sap
  • Rank 1: Layered CNT Plating: Low Density
  • Special Reward: Damaged Flywheel x10
  • Special Condition: All Resources Harvested

Intel Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Fraternity Sinners
  • Fraternity Accessories

Predicted Field Resources Edit

  • Ruined Circuit Board
  • Damaged Flywheel
  • Broken Lens
  • Broken Pump
  • Damaged Carbon Structure
  • Spoiled Electroviscous Fluid: Low Purity
  • Spoiled Electroviscous Fluid: Ultra-Low Purity
  • Ruined Composite: Ultra-Low Strength
  • Silica
  • Meteoric Iron
  • Cinnabarite
  • Cement
  • Will'O Conducting Hub
  • Electromagnetic Will'O Valve
  • Will'O Sap
  • Will'O Thyristor
  • Ion-Conducting Gel
  • Ruined CNT Circuit: Ultra-Low Complexity
  • Layered CNT Plating: Low Density
  • Layered CNT Plating: Ultra-Low Density
  • Ruined Conductive Coil: Low Quality
  • Lithium-Based Fullerene

Walkthrough Edit

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