CG7-1 Origins: Eliminate Enemy is an operation under Level 7 CODE Clearance. The location is Cell Garden 6.

Briefing Edit

“Time to go and get these files deciphered, huh? Well, all I'll say is that you'll need to keep your wits about you. There'll be sinners with special combat training lying in wait for you in this part of the Cell Garden for sure...
—Julien Sadat #e

Basic InformationEdit

  • Difficulty: 7/8
  • Objective: Defeat Their specially trained shock troops. Extreme caution advised. Accessory accompaniment not possible.
  • Sustainability: 15
  • Time Allotted: 45:00


  • Sentence Reduction: 0 Years
  • Rank 6: Layered CNT Plating: High Density
  • Rank 5: Ruined Conductive Coil: High Quality
  • Rank 4: Ferrous Fiber: Biped Mk 3
  • Rank 3: Armor: Artillery Mk 2
  • Rank 2: Synthetic Generator: Carrier Mk 2
  • Rank 1: Composite Sensor: All-Purpose Mk 2
  • Special Reward: Ruined CNT Circuit: Medium Complexity x3
  • Special Condition: No Sustainability lost

Intel Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Their Sinners
  • Their Accessories

Predicted Field Resources Edit

  • Broken Lens
  • Broken Pump
  • Ruined Circuit Board
  • Damaged Flywheel
  • Damaged Carbon Structure
  • Spoiled Electroviscous Fluid: Low Purity
  • Spoiled Electroviscous Fluid: Ultra-Low Purity
  • Ruined Composite: Ultra-Low Strength
  • Will'O-Conducting Hub
  • Electromagnetic Will'O Valve
  • Will'O Sap
  • Will'O Thyristor
  • Magnetite
  • Sulphur
  • Cohenite
  • Sphalerite
  • Ion-Conducting Gel
  • Titanium-Based Fullerene
  • Ruined CNT Circuit: Ultra-Low Complexity
  • Layered CNT Plating: Low Density
  • Layered CNT Plating: Ultra-Low Density
  • Ruined Conductive Coil: Low Quality

Walkthrough Edit

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