CODE 2 Exam is an operation under Level 1 CODE Clearance. The location is Abandoned City Sector 1 (Rain).

Operation 1-5


“Hey there! I've got this ickle-wickle operation I just KNOW you're going to love! And guess what? It'll also earn your Level 2 CODE Clearance! It's horrid and rainy out there, so take care! Give it all you've got! For the Greater Good!”
—Agent Felicia Boulanger #g

Basic InformationEdit

  • Difficulty: 2/8
  • Objective: Reclaim citizen from Magallanican All-Purpose Biped fitted with shield generator. Visibility limited.
  • Sustainability: 11
  • Time Allotted: 30:00


  • Sentence Reduction: 100 Years
  • Rank 6: Cranial Fiber: All-Purpose Mk 1 x3
  • Rank 5: Armored Exoskeleton: All-Purpose Mk 1 x3
  • Rank 4: Carapace: Marksman Mk 1 x3
  • Rank 3: Carapace: Melee Mk 1 x3
  • Rank 2: Damaged Carbon Structure x3
  • Rank 1: Ion-Conducting Gel x3
  • Special Reward: Frag Grenade x 15
  • Special Condition: No sustainability lost.

Intel Edit

Enemies Edit

  • All-Purpose Biped Mk 1
    • Shield Generator (Both Shoulders)
  • Melee Type Mk 1
  • Marksman Type Mk 1

Predicted Field Resources Edit

  • Ruined Cable: Ultra-Low Quality
  • Spent Shell Casing
  • Ruined Circuit Board
  • Broken Pump
  • Damaged Flywheel
  • Broken Gyroscope
  • Ruined Gearbox
  • Damaged Carbon Structure
  • Electromagnetic Will'O Valve
  • Will'O Sap
  • Will'O Diode
  • Will'O Thyristor
  • Will'O Capacitor
  • Ion-Conducting Gel
  • Ion-Conducting Film: Low Strength
  • Diamond-Like Carbon: Ultra-Low Hardness
  • Raw Graphite: Ultra-Low Purity
  • Processed Graphite: Ultra-Low Purity
  • Ruined CNT Circuit: Ultra-Low Complexity
  • CNT Reinforcement: Ultra-Low Hardness

Walkthrough Edit

Wave 1 Edit

You begin this operation in A2. There are three Melee Type Mk 1s in C2, two Marksman Type Mk 1s in C3, and one All-Purpose Biped Mk1 containing a Citizen in E4. Free the Citizen from the Abductor.

Wave 2 Edit

After picking up the Citizen, one Melee Type Mk 1 will appear in C3, another in C2, a third in B2, and the RRU will appear in A2. Deliver the Citizen to the RRU to complete the operation.

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