CP7-2 Lure: Liquidation is an operation under Level 7 CODE Clearance. The location is Citizen's Promenade.

Briefing Edit

“The spy from Hourai has finally been cornered, but they've wiped out my elite guard, and are on Citizen's Promenade with Abductors in tow. Wipe out their Abductors and show that Houraian scum what they get for trying to mess with us!
—Natalia "9" Woo

Basic InformationEdit

  • Difficulty: 7/8
  • Objective: Destroy 3 Houraian Abductors in close-quarters combat on Citizen's Promenade.
  • Sustainability: 5
  • Time Allotted: 45:00


  • Sentence Reduction: 410 Years
  • Rank 6: Manipulator: All-Purpose Mk 3
  • Rank 5: Will'O Fiber: Carrier Mk 4
  • Rank 4: Armored Exoskeleton: Artillery Mk 4
  • Rank 3: Chest Carapace: Carrier Mk 3
  • Rank 2: Upper-Limb Fiber: All-Purpose Mk 3
  • Rank 1: Will'O Engine: Artillery Mk 3
  • Special Reward: Raw Graphite: Medium Purity
  • Special Condition: Minimal Accessory Downtime

Intel Edit

Enemies Edit

  • All-Purpose Biped Mk 4
  • Artillery Biped Mk 3
  • Houraian Sinners
  • Houraian Accessories

Predicted Field Resources Edit

  • Broken Pump
  • Damaged Flywheel
  • Ruined Gearbox
  • Ruined Cable: Ultra-Low Quality
  • Spoiled Electroviscous Fluid: Ultra-Low Purity
  • Will'O-Inducting Carbon Fiber
  • Will'O-Inducting Pipe
  • Will'O Sap
  • Will'O Transistor
  • Will'O Thyristor
  • Will'O Capacitor
  • Will'O Exhaust
  • Will'O Actuator
  • Will'O Fluid: Ultra-Low Purity
  • Limestone
  • Indium Phosphide
  • Cuprite
  • Selenium
  • Ion-Conducting Ceramic
  • Ion-Conducting Film: Ultra-Low Strength

Walkthrough Edit

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