DO: CT6-6: Liquidation is an operation under Level 6 CODE Clearance. The location is Abandoned City Sector 1 (Night).
Operation 6-6

Briefing Edit

“Houraian forces have control of 3 Abductors from On High. Destroy them. Exercise particular caution in the vicinity of Ramosa-class Abductors. Participation in this operation will be viewed favorably by the OPS.”
—Department of Volunteer Management

Basic InformationEdit

  • Difficulty: 7/8
  • Objective: Destroy 3 Houraian Special T-Types. Engagement of other forces not mandatory. Night mission. Operation optional
  • Sustainability: 5
  • Time Allotted: 45:00


  • Sentence Reduction: 540 Years
  • Rank 6: Damper: T-Type (Medium Power) x1
  • Rank 5: Headgear: T-Type (Medium Hardness) x1
  • Rank 4: Comp. Sensor: T-Type (Low Sensitivity) x1
  • Rank 3: Will'O Fiber T-Type (Low Density) x1
  • Rank 2: Ion-Conducting Film: Low Strength x2
  • Rank 1: Ion-Conducting Gel x2
  • Special Reward: CNT Reinforcement: Medium Hardness x3
  • Special Condition: Minimal Accessory downtime.

Intel Edit


  • Special T-Type: Boundless Void
    • No special equipment.
  • Marksman Type Mk 3
  • Carrier Type Mk 3

Predicted Field Resources Edit

  • Spent Shell Casing
  • Broken Pump
  • Damaged Flywheel
  • Broken Gyroscope
  • Ruined Gearbox
  • Damaged Carbon Structure
  • Ruined Cable: Low Quality
  • Electromagnetic Will'O Valve
  • Will'O Sap
  • Will'O Capacitor
  • Ion-Conducting Gel
  • Ion-Conducting Film: High Strength
  • Ion-Conducting Film: Medium Strength
  • Ion-Conducting Film: Low Strength
  • Raw Graphite: Medium Purity
  • Raw Graphite: Low Purity
  • Raw Graphite: Ultra-Low Purity
  • Processed Graphite: Ultra-Low Purity
  • Diamond-Like Carbon: Ultra-Low Hardness
  • Ruined CNT Circuit: Ultra-Low Complexity
  • CNT Reinforcement: Low Hardness
  • CNT Reinforcement: Ultra-Low Hardness

Walkthrough Edit

Wave 1Edit

You begin this operation on the border of E1 and E2. One low-level Special T-Type: Boundless Void is present in E4, along with two Carrier Type Mk 3s. The Carrier Type Mk 3s will respawn infinitely.

Wave 2Edit

After the first Special T-Type: Boundless Void is destroyed, Two medium-level Special T-Type: Boundless Voids will appear, one in G1, and another in I4. Two Marksman Type Mk 3s will also appear during this wave. Destroy both Special T-Types to complete the operation.

Strategy / TacticsEdit


Note: This is not required to do, but a suggestion to keep the difficulty at a moderate level.

During the second wave, the second T-Type II spawning at I4 can occasionally join the battle, if you fight the T-Type II at G1. This will increase the difficulty drastically. Lure the T-Type at G1 to you by standing at E1 and shooting at him for several headshots. He should then charge into your location, so be careful. He may even try to zap you, just hide behind the corner.
Fighting at E1 can be a little difficult due to the terrain and the slope, so use it to your advantage. Do not let your teammates get spotted by the second one. You can command your team to stand around before you lure the first T-Type. Remember to command them again, as soon the T-Type was lured away from his spawn.

Detailed EnemyrosterEdit

Wave 1: 1 x Special T-Type: Boundless Void (T-Type I)
Wave 2: 2 x Special T-Type: Boundless Void (T-Type II)

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