As well as Sinners and Abductors , Panopticons also have access to various types of drone. These are often deployed in large numbers, to bolster a force of sinners, or to provide support for abductors. 

There are 5 types of drone: Mobile, Melee, Armoured, Marksman and Carrier.  Like abductors, there are 4 different grades that denote the drones general ability level, ranging from Mark 1 to Mark 4.


Mobile mk1

Mobile Mk 1

Also known as "wasps", these are small, flying drones. They have limited attack options, only capable of diving at Sinners in an attempt to stagger them. Their small size and random movement often make them a difficult target, but are weak and easily destroyed. 

Wasps are not overly dangerous, but can distract or interrupt Sinners if not dealt with promptly. 


Melee mk1

Melee Mk 1

Melee drones are low-floating, flat, bladed drones who attack by spinning, and ramming into Sinners. Unlike the Mobile drones, these drones are capable of knocking a Sinner down. With a higher damage output than the wasps, Melee drones should be destroyed while they are still at a distance. They are slow-moving, and can be easily dispatched. 


Armoured mk1

Armoured Mk 1

These floating oval drones are heavily resistant to damage. They have both a ranged attack and a ramming attack, the latter of which can knock down Sinners. Compared to other drones, the Armoured drone is hard to destroy, being resistant to both ranged and melee attacks. It is recommended that they are engaged up close as melee attacks can stagger them.


Marksman mk1

Marksman Mk 1 Drone

Similar in shape to the Melee drones, this drone possesses a large laser cannon.

As their name suggests, they only attack from range, firing a single shot at a targeted Sinner. Of all the drones, these are probably the most trivial to deal with, asc they lack armour, move slowly, and only fire once every three seconds.


The most noteworthy of the drones, these drones resemble huge floating eyes. They are armed with a laser which comes out of the "pupil" of the eye, which takes several seconds to charge before firing. Though habitually used to capture and transport Citizens, they can also be deployed to provide ranged support. Their armour is second only to the Armoured Drones, and can be difficult to take down. They possess a weak spot however: Firing into the pupil of the eye will inflict greater damage than attacking any other part.


Each Drone drops one of the following materials:

Name Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3 Reward 4
Transmission Carapace Will'O Tank Generator

The materials dropped will be specific to that drones type and Mark. A Melee Mk 1 drone will drop Melee Mk 1 parts, but not Marksman Mk 1 parts.