EZ Igel Batrach VI
EZ Igel Batrach VI Attack:
Attack Type: Projectile
Firing Mode: Semi-Auto
Range: 50
Clip Size: 5
Max Ammo: 35
Scope Style: None
Scope Zoom: 1.4
Manufacturer Eisen und Zwolf
Headshot Multiplier: 1.0
Description: A version of the Igel VI grenade launcher by Eisen und Zwolf, modified using Peltatum technology. Capable of continuously firing high-explosive projectiles to inflict extensive damage over a wide area. The grenades' arcing trajectory means they can be used to attack enemies in cover.
Special Attributes: Blast Radius (m): 2.8

Impact Effect (Vs. Humanoid): Scatter (Weak)
+30 Will'O Element

Acquirement Method:
Buying Cost: Cannot be purchased With Discount: No Discount
Creation Materials: EZ Igel VI x 1

Weapon Component: Recoil Kit x 5
Thorn-Shaped Plate: C-Type (L Hard) x 3
Special Armor: C-Type (L Hardness) x 1

Creation Duration: 22:00
Upgrade Method:
Upgrade Materials Upgrade Duration
Upgrade Level 1 => 2:
Upgrade Level 2 => 3:
Upgrade Level 3 => 4:
Upgrade Level 4 => 5:
Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into:
No Upgrade No Upgrade No Upgrade No Upgrade No Upgrade
Upgrade Level: Upgrade Materials Upgrade Duration
Upgrade Level 5 => 6: - -
Upgrade Level 6 => 7: - -
Upgrade Level 7 => 8: - -
Upgrade Level 8 => 9: - -
Upgrade Level 9 => 10: - -

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