EZ Katze Kralle I
EZ Katze Kralle I Attack: 360 - ?
Attack Type: Projectile
Firing Mode: Fully Automatic
Range: 20
Clip Size: 83
Max Ammo: 415
Scope Style: None
Scope Zoom: 1.7
Manufacturer Eisen und Zwolf
Headshot Multiplier: 1.2
Description: A version of the popular submachine gun by Eisen und Zwolf, modified using Ramosa technology. Much loved for its fully automatic action and superior ease of use, it can cause serious damage when aimed at a target's head.
Special Attributes: +30 Electro Element
Acquirement Method:
Buying Cost: Cannot be purchased With Discount: No Discount
Creation Materials: EZ Katze I
Weapon Component: Electric Motor
Talon Unit: T-Type I
Will'O Fluid: T-Type I
Creation Duration: 22:00
Upgrade Method:
Upgrade Materials Upgrade Duration
Upgrade Level 1 => 2: Will'O Tank: Marksman Mk 1 x 3
Exhaust Manifold: T-Type I x 3
Talon Unit: T-Type I x 1
Upgrade Level 2 => 3: - 13:00
Upgrade Level 3 => 4: - 16:00
Upgrade Level 4 => 5: - 19:00
Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into:
No Upgrade No Upgrade No Upgrade No Upgrade No Upgrade
Upgrade Level: Upgrade Materials Upgrade Duration
Upgrade Level 5 => 6: - -
Upgrade Level 6 => 7: Will'O Fluid: T-Type II
Sinew Fiber: T-Type (Medium Elasticity)
Armored Gearbox: T-Type (M Output)
Comp. Sensor: T-Type (M Sensitivity)
Tissue Fiber: T-Type (Medium Density)
Upgrade Level 7 => 8: - -
Upgrade Level 8 => 9: - -
Upgrade Level 9 => 10: - -

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