EZ Nashorn III
EZ Nashorn III Attack: 712 - 900
Attack Type: Projectile
Firing Mode: Semi-Auto
Range: 100
Clip Size: 6
Max Ammo: 30
Scope Style: Telescopic
Scope Zoom: 2.0
Manufacturer Eisen und Zwolf
Headshot Multiplier: 1.2
Description: A lightweight rocket launcher manufactured by Eisen und Zwolf. What it lacks in desctructive power compared to other weapons in it's class, it makes up for in terms of clip size and carryable rounds. Due to it's size and scope configuration, this weapon cannot be used while clinging to walls.
Special Attributes: Blast Radius (m): 2.0

Impact Effect (Vs. Humanoid): Scatter (Weak)

Acquirement Method:
Buying Cost: 450 With Discount: 338
Creation Materials: Processed Graphite: Ultra-Low Purity x 2
Ion-Conducting Gel X 2
Generator: Marksman Mk 1 X 1
Creation Duration: 13:00
Upgrade Method:
Upgrade Materials Upgrade Duration
Upgrade Level 1 => 2: - 10:00
Upgrade Level 2 => 3: - 13:00
Upgrade Level 3 => 4: - 16:00
Upgrade Level 4 => 5: - 19:00
Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into:
EZ Nashorn IV/V EZ Nashorn Kralle III EZ Nashorn Vorfuß III EZ Nashorn Fang III EZ Nashorn Batrach III
Upgrade Level: Upgrade Materials Upgrade Duration
Upgrade Level 5 => 6: - -
Upgrade Level 6 => 7: - -
Upgrade Level 7 => 8: - -
Upgrade Level 8 => 9: - -
Upgrade Level 9 => 10: - -

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