Eisen und Zwolf is a corporation founded during the Panopticon Era, their primary business is the manufacturing and selling of weapons to Panopticons.


Assault RiflesEdit

Portable ArtilleryEdit


Light MeleeEdit


  • Most of the names of the weapon contain one or two german words. Eisen und Zwolf (rather "Eisen und Zwölf") seem to be either a fan of the german language or german derivation, since this manufacturer's name itself is german (translated into "Iron and Twelve").
  • Contains another language thing: Eisen und Zwölf as in "Eins und Zwei" ("One and Two")
  • "Katze" means "Cat", "Igel" means "Hedgehog", "Wolf" means "Wolf", "Falke" means "Hawk", "Nashorn" means "Rhino", "Kralle" means "Claw".

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