Elements 101

Elements 101







Elfriede explains elements, part I

Elfriede's Perfect Element Class, part I

Elfriede explains elements, part II

Elfriede's Perfect Element Class, part II

There are four elements in the world of Freedom Wars: Fire (symbolized by a red flame), Ice (signified by a white snowflake), Electricity (embodied by a purple lightning bolt), and Will'O (represented as a blue swirl, like a galaxy or hurricane).

Each element has a strength and weakness, and if enough elemental damage is done to an abductor component, it will suffer a status effect that deals bonus damage. Also of note is the fact that, ironically, the color of an advanced weapon appears to match the element that is weak to it, rather than the color of its own element. For example, the ice-infused Aftershadow zweihander sword is purple in color, signifying that it deals bonus damage to electrical enemies. Advanced weapons with no strong element are greenish or yellowish in color. Keep these in mind as you select your weapon loadout before carrying out an operation.

  • Fire will cause a part to burn, making the enemy sustain additional damage for a few seconds.
  • Ice causes a part to freeze, reducing the enemy's defense (and making it take more damage when hit by other weapons).
  • Electricity can paralyze an abductor, if a part is blasted with enough of it.
  • Will'O will build up in the part until it explodes, causing bonus damage to the enemy.

During loading screens, tips are given. These sometimes explain the effects of the elements. As soon as you reach CODE 6, in the Fueling Station, Elfriede will give you a run-down of the strengths and weaknesses of each.

In summary: Fire is vulnerable to Will'O, but strong to ice; Will'O is vulnerable to electricity, but strong to fire; Electricity is vulnerable to ice, but strong to Will'O; Ice is vulnerable to fire, but strong to electricity.

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