Freedom Wars
Release Date: JAPAN: 26 June, 2014

NA: 28 October, 2014
EUR: 29 October, 2014

Systems: Playstation Vita

Playstation TV

Developers: SCE Japan Studio


Producer: Sony Computer Entertainment
Director: Takashi Tsukamoto

Freedom Wars is a Japanese Fantasy Hunting game with Role-playing elements. 

Developed by SCE Japan Studio, Shift and Dimps for the Playstation Vita.

Set in the distant future at a time where the majority of humankind is imprisoned in penal city-states known as Panopticons which wage war against one another, the game involves players cooperating together to fight against enemies and contribute towards their Panopticon.

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The world's resources have been all but exhausted, and its surface has become uninhabitable. In a last ditch attempt to save mankind, self-contained city-states known as Panopticons have been built across the globe. Their inhabitants live under the rule of totalitarian law, their every action dictated by the authorities.

On the front line of these battles are the sinners -- criminals born with a million-year prison sentence imposed upon them for simply existing. Deprived of almost all rights and privileges, sinners attempt to work off their sentence and ear various small freedoms by completing missions issued by the powers that be. These missions are known as voluntary contribution operations.

Each and every day, these hostages of fortune take to the battlefield and risk life and limb in pursuit of a freedom they may never know.

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Freedom Wars - Launch Trailer PS Vita-0

Freedom Wars - Launch Trailer PS Vita-0

Launch Trailer

Freedom Wars - Story Trailer PS Vita-0

Freedom Wars - Story Trailer PS Vita-0

Story Trailer

Freedom Wars - Cinematic Trailer

Freedom Wars - Cinematic Trailer

Cinematic Trailer

Freedom Wars - Announce Trailer

Freedom Wars - Announce Trailer

Announce Trailer

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