Gene smith is a high ranking Citizen as well as Julien's boss.

History Edit

Gene is introduced as Julien's old friend and superior to the protagonist, Mattias and Beatrice when Julien ask for his help in decoding secret files they stole from the Cell Gardens to which Gene express a lot of curiosity and enthusiams towards the files.

During CODE 5, a friendly Panopticon is destroyed by the Hourai Panopticon and its allies after the reinforcements sent are intercepted mid-way after being tipped off by Gene to Hourai.

During CODE 7, He decyphers the files and informs Abel (whom he ideolizes) of his findings, which leds to Abel single-handedly invading and kidnaps Beatrice just after Gene is arrested by Natalia and the protagonist, with him proclaiming obsession with Abel and his goals.

Trivia Edit

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