Heavy Melee weapons are a class of Melee weapons favored for its high power and sweeping attacks.

Their main weakness is that their attacks are slow to execute and they hinder movement when in use.

Comparison chart Edit

Name Power Impact Damage(%) Type Crit. Chance(%) Crit. Multiplier Brand
TB-32/H 282-354 - Impact 1 1.0

Hakko Heavy Industries

Aftershadow 239-305 - Cutting 1 1.0 PROTOTYPE Inc.
Mimas 350-435 - Impact 1 1.0 GiGaS
Kannagi Mk 5 251-321 15 Impact 1 1.0 MASTERxPEACE
Tebutje 187-233 - Impact 0 1.0 Plus Industries
Caliburn 296-359 - Impact 2 1.0 Dead Channel

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