L-6E1 Attack: 189 - 255
Attack Type: Piercing
Impact Damage (%): -
Critical Chance (%): 1
Critical Multiplier: 2.0
Absorb Chance (%) -
Health Absorbed (%) -
Manufacturer Hakko Heavy Industries
Description: A polearm produced by Hakko Heavy Industries whose thrusting attacks are best suited to battling individual enemies. Boasts good attack speed and considerable power, made all the more considerable by its stinging critical hits. Can be thrown using a charged quick attack (Square).
Special Attributes: {{{Special Attributes}}}
Acquirement and Upgrade Method:
Buying Cost: 450 With Discount: 338
Creation Materials:
Diamond-Like Carbon: UL Hardness x 2
Ruined Gearbox x 2
Carapace: Mobile Mk 1 x 1
Upgrade Materials (lvl 2): Upgrade Materials (lvl 3): Upgrade Materials (lvl 4):
{{{Upgrade Materials 2}}} {{{Upgrade Materials 3}}} {{{Upgrade Materials 4}}}
Upgrade Materials (lvl 5): Upgrade Materials (lvl 6): Upgrade Materials (lvl 7):
{{{Upgrade Materials 5}}} {{{Upgrade Materials 6}}} {{{Upgrade Materials 7}}}
Upgrade Materials (lvl 8): Upgrade Materials (lvl 9) Upgrade Materials (lvl 10):
{{{Upgrade Materials 8}}} {{{Upgrade Materials 9}}} {{{Upgrade Materials 10}}}
Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into: Upgrades into:

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