The Laws of the Panopticon or the People's Charter are laws and rules that is mandatory to be followed by everyone, if anyone breaks the law, the accused would be have his/her sentence increased for Sinners and Citizens sentence for imprisonment. The most common law that is always gets broken is the Crime of Living which the accused is sentenced for 1,000,000 years of penal servitude. Not even a single person in each Panopticon is innocent. Sinners who completed there sentence will be granted the title Second-Class Citizen.

Purpose Edit

The purpose of the People's Charter is to keep peace in the Panopticon. Some are a few examples of the crimes of the Sinners:

  • Crime of Living (1,000,000)
  • Crime of Amnesia (1,000,000)
  • Crime of Unauthorized Sinner Interaction (20)
  • Crime of Remaining Silent (100)

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