The League of Panopticons is a coalition of former-nations made to keep contact between the Panopticons.

Overview Edit

The League of Panopticons' main purpose is unknown outside of keeping the contact between the 'Cons formed from the old nations of the world after the disaster that struck the Earth that led to a over-population crisis with no natural resources remaining on the planet.

While the League itself is not an Alliance, its members are seen to be in good terms as they are willing to sent sinners to assist Panopticons under a retribution from On High.

One of the most notable aspects of the League is that is at war with the Hourai Panopticon and its subordinate/allied panopticons of Xanaduvia, Lemuria, Magallanica and Argatha.

In-Game Edit

The League of Panopticons ranks the performance of Panopticons across the world against one another. Panopticons are ranked according to their GPP, and you can boost your Panopticon's GPP by donating resources for the Greater Good.

You can access the League of Panopticons via Window on Liberty in your cell. You can then view Panopticon rankings and other statistics and information.

Panopticon Overview Edit

Home Panopticon News Edit

The Home Panopticon News has five sections:

  • Home Panopticon: The name of your home Panopticon.
  • Total GPP: The total GPP amassed by all sinner's collectively in your Panopticon.
  • League of Panopticons: Where your Panopticon ranks in the League of Panopticons.
  • Total Sinners: How many sinners your Panopticon has.
  • Individual GPP Contribution: How much GPP each sinner has contributed on average.

League of Panopticons Edit

This is where the leader-board is displayed, showing where every Panopticon ranks. Here you can view the details of each Panopticon or check your own Panopticon's ranking.

Sinner Rankings Edit

Sinner Rankings are where you can see how you rank against other sinners from all Panopticons broken down into four categories:

  • GPP Contribution Ranking: Ranks you according to individual GPP contribution.
  • Invasion Contribution Ranking:
  • Co-Op Participation Ranking:
  • Individual:

Trivia Edit

  • Its speculated that the League of Panopticons was formed because of On High's superiority and its retributions on surface Panopticons.

See Also Edit

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