The Office of Peace and Stability (OPS) is the body of the panopticon that supervises and regulates Sinner and Citizen activities, they are under the command of the Panopticons' governments themselves.

Overview Edit

Created to supervise and regulate both the Sinners and Citizens, the Office of Peace and Stability make the law be obeyed with no exceptions.

Both Sinners and OPS personel are at odds with each other most of the time due to the OPS personel's treatment of sinners to which see as nothing more than a waste of resources for the 'Con (as sinners are given personal Accessories and food that, in their opinion, would be better for hard-working citizens), most of them sent sinners to otherwise suicidal operations just to get rid of them while others abuse their power by adding years to sinners' sentences for any excuse just because of their disgust towards them. Ironic enough, they have a somewhat tense relationship with the Citizens who feel treated more as slaves rather than human beings.

Natalia "9" Woo is a high ranking member of OPS who sents the protagonist on several operations against Hourai and its allies. Eventually, the protagonist defeats her on their CODE 7 Exam where sinners are forced to fight against OPS personel to win their CODE 7 Clearance. After defeating her, she becomes an acquiantance of the protagonist.

The Overseer Accessories are commanded by Office's members as they often travel with them to uphold the law.

Trivia Edit

  • They wear clothes similar of those of the Accessories but red.
  • They also possess the genetic enhacements of Sinners.

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