On High is a place above the Panopticons, where the privileged dwell. They have a higher standard of technology, making the Abductors themselves instead of reverse engineering them. The majority opinion of the On High people is one of disgust towards the Panopticons and the people below.

The Abductors from On High follow two basic patterns; the Ramosa, or Type-T, and the Paradoxa, or Type-S. They also include the final boss type of Peltatum and Oltatum, as well as Dionaea. While none of the On High Abductors carry variable weapons, Dionaea can carry a shield generator and the Paradoxa has twin blasters.

Overview Edit

Not much is known about On High outside of likely being a floating colony and the fact that they possess the best technology on the planet, using it to terrorize the Panopticons on the surface with their "Retributions".

Abductor Models

Ramosa Edit

Dionaea and Ramosa

Ramosa helping out Dionaea.

The Ramosa is a quadrupedal Abductor modeled after a tiger. It has two wings, each of which can be broken twice. The tail can be damaged, and each forearm can be damaged in stages. The pod is on the underside of the Abductor, and thus being very hard to hit. The main attack patterns are jumping around, slashing, and a charged attack. The charged attack is well telegraphed, with a circle of blue energy slowly forming between the wings. After a time, the Ramosa will unleash a barrage of small projectiles in all directions. They have mild homing capabilties, and the attack can be negated by destroying one or both wings. The Ramosa can also grab you in it's mouth, much like a Biped can grab you.

Paradoxa Edit

These Abductors are modeled after a spider. They constantly shoot missles and artificial webs in the area surrounding them.

Paradoxa launching missiles.

Dionaea Edit


Group of Dionaea class abductors seen in a Retribution.

Peltatum/Oltatum Edit


The Peltatum emerges from the Casket

The Peltatum/Oltatum class abductors are the final boss. These abductors doesn't have pods but are very complicated and tricky. They will most likely release their chains and start a panic around the players which is very difficult to handle. These abductors are most likely from On High but resided within the Casket maybe for safekeeping because of its destructive power.

Trivia Edit

  • On High abductors have a specification letter for each type which Ramosa T-type=Tiger, Paradoxa S-type=Spider, Dionaea D-type=Dragon, and Peltatum/Oltatum C-type=Coffin