The Panopticon Era is the setting of Freedom Wars. 

History Edit

Its unknown when the Panopticon Era started but its known that started after a global crisis (possibly a Nuclear War) that left Earth almost unhabitable for several decades.

The Panopticons were built as a response to the harsh enviroment on Earth. however, after they were finished, they were unable to sustain their populations due to a shortage of basic resources. because of this, the Panopticons' governments decided to put a system in place to reward those who contributed to the Panopticon's welfare and to punish those who didn't, eventually this system would let to the creation of the terms Sinner and Citizen to diferenciate those who were valuable to the panopticon and those who were a useless drain of resources.

During this time, the development of the Abductors was starting and three prototypes were developed. however, only one of those prototypes is known and that was the Red Rage, the first biped Abductor, the Abductors were created as a means to kidnap Citizens from other panopticons as the shortage of resources forced panopticons to steal resources from their neighbors. due to the constant use of Abductors, the Panopticons' governments decided to turn their "useless" inhabitants into their militaries to protect their interests and resources from hostile Panopticons, the sinners that participated in operations to protect their panopticon's resources and interests were given reductions of their million-years sentences as a incentive into serving their panopticon with the promise of getting citizen status after completing it.

Story Pending.

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