Percy Propa
Percy propa
Melee Weapon Unknown
Ranged Weapon Unknown
Accessory Weapon Unknown
Thorn Type Unknown
Personnel Data
Family Unknown
Affiliation The League of Panopticons

Percy Propa is the virtual mascot of the Player's Panopticon. He gives the Protagonist info about their progress and informs the people who live in the Panopticon, encouraging sinners to help give up their rights for the greater good of the Panopticon. He can be heard delivering public service announcements and official notifications over the intercom in the Panopticon as well.

Natalia "9" Woo of OPS is in charge of the mascot.

Trivia Edit

  • Percy Propa's name was based on a mishearing of the name 'Poppa Roach' when the producer, Junichi Yoshizawa, was visiting the US.