Portable Artillery is the heaviest and strongest category of ranged weapons available. They consist of Bazookas, Rocket Propelled Grenades and Sticky Explosive launchers. Their limited clip size and slow reload speed is made up for with sheer explosive power.

Comparison chartEdit

Name Power

Impact Dmg(%)

Mode Clip Max Range Brand
AAW-M2 1534-1760 150 Semi-Auto 2 10 100 Hakko Heavy Industries
EZ Nashorn III 712-900 175 Semi-Auto 6 30 100 Eisen Und Zwolf
EZ Igel VI 478-610 80 Semi-Auto 5 35 50 Eisen Und Zwolf
Blaster 614-772 100 Semi-Auto 10 50 50 Plus Industries
Dragonfire 906-1085 150 Multi-Lock 6 30 100 PROTOTYPE Inc.
Nambu Mk 25 420-537 150 Multi-Lock 8 64 100 MASTERxPEACE


  • AAW-M2Go to AAW-M2
  • EZ Nashorn IIIGo to EZ Nashorn III
  • EZ Igel VIGo to EZ Igel VI
  • BlasterGo to Blaster
  • DragonfireGo to Dragonfire
  • Nambu Mk 25Go to Nambu Mk 25

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