A Retribution is the term used to refer to On High invasions on the surface's Panopticons, they are dreaded on the surface as they are known to destroy entire panopticons without much resistance.


It is thought that On High launches a retribution whenever they are low on resources and/or citizens or have a grudge or interest on a specific Panopticon, they start their retributions with a dark cloud approaching the panopticon, then dozens of Diaonea class abductors reveal themselves and attack the upper levels while the infantry attacks the lower levels with Ramosa class abductors, they are seen to prioritize capturing citizens over killing sinners as seen during their invasion on the protagonist's panopticon.

At the end of the game, Carlos, who was a On High spy, ordered an retribution on the Hourai Panopticon, possibly to destroy the casket, their retribution destroyed Hourai without much resistance.

It is speculated that after the destruction of Hourai, they launched multiple retributions across the globe.

Special MissionsEdit

Most of the Special Missions involves the players participating against a On High retribution on a foreign panopticon's territory but not to stop the retribution but to reclaim citizens from On High Abductors.