Shizuka "Faker" Roland
Japanese Name Unknown
Rōmaji Translation Unknown
Personnel Data
Gender Male/Female
Age Unknown
Eye Color  ???
Hair Color  ???
Family None Known
Affiliation Sinners
Melee Weapon Mimas
Ranged Weapon EZ Wolf I Ausf. F
Accessory Weapon Eagle Hunter .464
Thorn Type Binding

Shizuka "Faker" Roland is a attack class Sinner, and one of the protagonist's companions.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Shizuka is often considered a creepy girl by her fellow sinners as she tends to speak in riddles or grim rhetoric about humanity's limited lifespan with a great sense of optimism. She also has a great interest in Japanese culture and poetry, exemplified by her telling the Protagonist about her endeavors in learning more about tea ceremonies. She also likes to refer to the Protagonist as "dear" or "my dearest".

She is also implied to have a crush on Beatrice, similar to Marie.

Unlike most sinners, her Accessory is one of the most unique in comparison to the rest of the cast, having an individual outfit and personality unlike most Accessories seen around the Panopticon. Shizuka seems to be very proud of her work on her Accessory.


Shizuka is a rookie Sinner and a acquiantance of the Protagonist.

She doesn't have a role in the story outside of giving hints and opinions to the protagonist in Zakka and help them out on operations as a companion.


  • She, Carlos and Billy are the only companions that the protagonist doesn't meet during the party hosted by Nina and Uwe.
  • She can be recreated in the Character Editor.
  • Shizuka is voiced by Sora Amamiya
  • She, alongside KaiNina, Marie, Sergio and Billy have no role in the story outside of being companions.
  • Fans often speculate that she is bisexual as she has some subtle comments both off and on the battlefield regarding her fellow male and female sinners, specifically Beatrice.


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