Simeon sitting
Japanese Name Unknown
Rōmaji Translation Unknown
Personnel Data
Gender Male/Female
Age Unknown
Eye Color  ???
Hair Color  ???
Family Unknown
Affiliation Aries M.,
Cesare Anastasi
Melee Weapon Exodus(formerly)
Ranged Weapon None
Accessory Weapon No Accessory
Thorn Type None

Simeon is a mysterious being capable of granting wishes to anybody he deems worthy.

Story Edit

Simeon along with Aries M, were humans and lived long ago before the Panopticon Era started.

Later on in the game after saving Beatrice, Aries M tells the player about Simeon and that he/she is almost ready to meet him.

Simeon is accompanied by Cesare, who previously helped with the beginning of The Great Transformation, and Aries M.

He helps the player after completing XX7-4 Daybreak / XX7-4 Ghost Glow, giving them 3 new missions to complete in exchange for wishes. One of the wishes can bring back Hal or Ann depending on who you saved.

Personality Edit

According to Aries, he is a bit moody yet mysterious character behind him. He is presumably immortal thus granting him the power to bend time etc.


  • He is called by the people from On High as "The Fallen."
  • The reason he wants the downfall of On High is to end the war between Panopticons.
  • Presumably, he was once a citizen from On High.
  • He is the fomer owner of the Exodus.

Gallery Edit

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