Sylvia Anastasi
Japanese Name Unknown
Rōmaji Translation Unknown
Personnel Data
Gender Female
Age Mentioned that she is the younger than Beatrice
Eye Color Light Gold
Hair Color Blonde
Family Beatrice "Lilium" Anastasi (Sister),
Cesare Anastasi (Father)
Affiliation On High
Melee Weapon Holy Lance
Ranged Weapon Unknown
Accessory Weapon N/A
Thorn Type Binding

Sylvia Anastasi is civilian from On High, She is also Beatrice's younger sister and Cesare's daughter.

Story Edit

After The Protagonist saves Beatrice, he/she along with Beatrice and Mattias start hearing more stories about another ghost girl. Soon Mattias and the Player go looking for her and accidentaly find her surrounded by some members of The Fraternity, Mattias tries to talk them out of it but Sylvia beats them up. Mattias, Sylvia and the Player then escape to the Fuel Station.

After Beatrice walks in and sees Sylvia. Both have a talk outside and Beatrice reveals that she became a sinner so she could search for their father. however, Sylvia, seeing that she became a sinner, calls Beatrice a traitor as she disowned their father after he supposedly abandoned them for a "filthy sinner", and then jumps on her personal Abductor and flies away, promising that she will kill her if she has the chance.


Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Mattias seems to have a crush on her