The Warren is a area outside of the panopticon where sinners are allowed to interact with citizens without the fear of having their sentence extended. Of course, within reasoning by their Accessories.

Many use the Warren to make deals with the Fraternity and others to hide from their Accessories or OPS personnel.

The Warren also acts as the main hub for the player as they can restock items and buy weapons. It also acts as the lobby for Online Multiplayer mode.



Zakka is the one-stop shop for all your combat needs. Supplying a wide range of Weapons and Combat Items, Zakka is a regular destination for Sinners and its located in the Warren, a floor above the Fueling Station. Zakka only deals in Entitlement Points, similar to the Fueling Station.

The Fueling StationEdit

The Fueling Station is a restaurant that illegally sells resources to Sinners and Citizens.

Trivia Edit

  • Although it is called the "Black Market", it is clear that Zakka has either an understanding with the Panopticon, or is legal to conduct business outside of it due to a loophole.

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