Sinners using their Thorns against a  Abductor

"A lasso laced with embedded spikes, the Thorn is your most-trusted weapon. It can be attached to walls, obstacles or enemies - and if you're quick enough you'll be able to leap towards your target and cling on."

The Thorn

  1. The Thorn is a long vine-type lasso with embedded thorns, Thorns are mainly used for movement and to drag down enemy abductors. But there are various types of thorns, each with their own advantages.
  2. The Thorn uses Will'O, the gauge energy shortens while attached to an obstacle, infantry, or Abductors.

Thorn Types Edit

  • The Binding Thorn can be used to lay traps or stun enemies. It also has the added bonus of being able to drag abductors down faster than the other thorn types. By Linking your thorn to an ally, it increases ally drag down speed. 
  • The Healing Thorn can be used to heal team members by firing a healing charge at them or by attaching the thorn to them to slowly restore their HP. The healing thorn can also be used to set up a healing thicket that heals anyone within it’s range, including the user. NOTE: The thicket can be destroyed by anyone that continuously damages it, friend or foe. 
  • The Shielding Thorn can be used to enhance the teams defense. You can also attach your thorn to a team member to enhance their defense at a distance. The shielding thorn can create a barrier that deflects small bullets with the outer shell and heavier fire with the inner wall. 

Trivia Edit

  • Thorns are actually the materialized form of Will’O energy.
  • They can be used to revive teammates, attach to abductors, and pick up items, alongside functioning like a grappling hook. They are a most versatile tool.

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