• After posting a poll asking what would help people contribute, it seems that some would like a To-Do List. So, I made another one with all the topics I could think of. Yes, it's a long list. But we can do it.

    If you want to take a topic, please post a reply.

    Presume that everything in this list requires screenshots.


    • Weapons
      • pages for advanced weapons
      • Modules, how they work, and what they do.
        • List of items that can be added for additional effects.
      • Growth.
        • Explaination of late bloomers, etc.
      • Explaination of the four elements
        • How each work.
        • Weaknesses to each other.
      • Strategies
        • Differences in gameplay by weapon type.

    • Abductors
      • Variations of Panopticon Abductors
        • descriptions of the different abductor combinations.
          • Attributes and abilities depending on parts.
          • Breakable/detachable parts.
          • Attacks, and how to avoid them.
      • On High Abductors
        • Description of variations.
        • Ranking list in terms of difficulty.
        • Breakable/detachable parts.
        • Attacks, and how to avoid them.

    • Mini-abductors
      • Pages for each one, describing differences between each version.
      • Attack patterns/abilities.
    • Drop percentage chance (if possible).

    • Facilities
      • Weapons facility.
        • What's available at what levels?
        • Creating, upgrading, and modifying.
      • Medical supplies Facility.
        • What's available at what levels?
        • Citizens and their effects.
      • Munitions Facility.
        • What's available at what levels?
        • Citizens and their effects.
      • Augments Facility.
        • What's available at what levels?
      • Citizen support, and their effects.

    • Operations
      • List of Operations by CODE level.
      • List of rewards for Operation success.
      • Enemies encounter in Operation.
      • Possible collectable materials in Operation.
        • (If possible) Percentage chances.
      • Strategies.
      • Best operations to farm particular materials.

    • Companions
      • Names, personalities, loadout, etc.
      • AI tendencies.

    • Lore
      • What, exactly, is a panopticon?
        • Population, heirarchy, etc.
        • List of named "fantasy" panopticons.
      • Citizens and Sinners.
        • What distinguishes Sinners and Citizens?
        • Can you be born a Citizen?
        • How can you stop being a citizen and become a Sinner? (Sakura)
      • What is On High?
        • What are retributions? What are they for?
        • Why do they hate the Panopticons?

    • Materials
      • Full list, with rarity, descriptions, GPP, etc.
        • (Yes, I know that'll be a pain. Group effort.)
        • Where to find them.

    • Costumes
      • CODE level unlocking.
      • Styles.
      • Accessories, Headphones, etc.
      • Colour Palettes.

    • Entitlements
      • CODE level requirements
      • Cost of each one.
      • Description, and what it allows.

    • Violations
      • What you can get punished for.
        • How many additional years.
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